Saturday, May 12, 2012


     Two page views yesterday! My life is complete. Just kidding, I have a long ways to go. I really appreciate if you have happened to stop by my blog, it makes me feel powerful I guess, like I can communicate with people and share my life. Not to sound cheesy or anything.
     Anyway, in my neighborhood we have a pond! Yes, it is so awesome and totally fun, but seeing as I live in Colorado, the water is very cold. Although it sounds painful to swim in cold pond water, it's so so much fun! My best friends and I always go there in the summer/ spring. I travel most of the summer so we have to manage the icy water. So, I have been so excited all winter for the spring to come so my friends and I can go swimming. I just got back from Nepal last week and I am dying to go swimming! Of course, that just isn't going to work, because guess what......    It snowed yesterday. No kidding, its ridiculous. So now I am going to wine this whole weekend about the weather, well maybe I can come up with something better to do.
     As for some great news on my part, next week is the last week of school classes! Hooray. I am kinda sad though, what will I do when school gets out? I guess I'll wine about the weather :P

Again, thank you to the two people who stopped by my blog, I really appreciate it

Did I mention I love cows? This is actually a Zupkio I took a pic of. Cute eh!

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