Friday, September 7, 2012

A Suggestion to People in the Lunch Line

Okay, so I have lunch with highschoolers, and middle schoolers and I see a lot of interesting people going through the lunch line. So, here are some notes about people who should know how stupid something they are doing or wearing really is. I don't have a problem with people trying to be different, this is just what I see.

1.  Corsets are not meant for everyday use. Yes, I know you found it at a cool thrift store but seriously you look like you are playing dress up. Also, if you want to be serious about your new and unique look, don't wear a tshirt under the corset, that gets rid of the entire sexy weird purpose. Lastly, the corset you are wearing looks like it was found in the launguraiy section of a department store.... know what outfits are worn for before you buy them. It's slightly creepy

2. There is no need to shout to people in the other lunch line. Seriously, talk when you are both out of the lunch line in 2 minutes.

3.If you wear that shirt, those pants, and those shoes every day of your life, it is going to be real hard to get a girl.

4. Washing your hair at least once every two days is important.

5. I am 4 years older than you, seriously why is our lunch time the same time.

6. I need to get my licence

again, I don't mean any offense, I just needed a day to judge

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