Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Hi Everyone! Thank you all for voting for me in the past few contests I have done (I love contests, if you did not notice) However, the contest I ask you to help vote for, is more exciting than the res, because it was more of a competition, than a contest (Talent vs. Chance). My friend Bailey and I created a video of using math in the real world, for a contest sponsored by Dartmouth College, and we endded up in the top ten finalists. It all comes down to your help, and we have some hefty competition. So, vote by following these directions

Click this link
Click "Gallery"
Vote for the video "Trig in a Tree"

You can vote once every 24 hours, but any amount of votes helps. Thanks a million everyone, I have such amazing friends and relatives who support me in things like that, and I am forever grateful.

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