Sunday, February 24, 2013

Whats Up

Hey everyone, sorry about the last post, it was greedy and innapropriate. Anyway, I wanted to write this post just to cath you all up on what I am up to.

As you may have gathered, I went to the sundance film festival about a month ago. It was in every way delightful, but additionally nerve-racking. Several moments, I was afraid I would walk into a place where I was not allowed. I want to post a few films that I recommend you see when they are available:
Touchy Feely
The Rambler
Toy's House
When I Walk

Those are four films that really stood out to me. I saw a total of 11 films,  including 2 shorts programs. If you enjoy independt film, are interested in a career in film, or just want to experience the incredible experience, head to Park City for Sundance sometime.

I have also been writing lots of essays for school, fun stuff I tell ya. My high school does not give grades, and determines our pass or fail by how well our evaluation (essay) of the class, reflects our personal, social, and intelectual learning in the class.
I am currently working on writing a story in spanish, which is due yesterday, and our teacher told us she would shame us and hate us if we failed to turn it in. She said it in a joking matter, yet we all knew she was telling the truth. I am terrified for seeing her tomorrow.

Aside from school, I am working on raising money fpr me to go on a trip to Nepal this summer. I have primerily been having fun entering contests online, but I will be planning on getting a job soon.

In addition to that fundraising, I am trying to to raise $400 for a charity event I will be funding. (I will put more information about this into my next post)

Lastly, I am enjoying the snowy weekend, annd making clay sculprtures with my time.

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