Sunday, March 10, 2013


Allright, I warn you now that I absolutely adore contests. They make me look forward with excitement and joy, and I love winning too. So of course, I have entered several contests, and won several of them too. In 5th grade I entered a childrens inventing contest, and out of over 2,000 people, I got in the top 5 finalists (I consider that winning). In 5th grade I won the all school talent show. In 6th grade I won the class science fair, and in 7th grade I also won the class science fair. In 8th grade I won an award in the county youth art show. Recently I won the contest by "The Animated Woman" (please check out her glorious blog, for the sake of your happiness).

Obviously, I love contests, and am pretty darn lucky when it comes to winning. I do however know not to get my hopes up for winning, and I enjoy the thrill of waiting to hear who wins, just as much as winning. What I am trying to get at, is that I know my chances of winning are slim in some contests, but that does not make them worth not entering.

Ok, so here is the deal, I am currently trying to win a contest, and I need your help to win. You are also welcome to enter, if you have not yet. You need to be 18 to enter, and I am 17, but my mom helped me out, and let me enter my idea under her name, so technically she would win, but she would give me the prize of $2,000!

Do I have a plan for the prize money? Why yes, I do. I need $400 to cover the fee of the event center I am renting, to host a charity ball in December. The rest of the money, will go toward college, or possible my trip to Nepal, or buying a car, I might just put it in savings.

So help me out, share the link with your friends, I have less than one week to get lots of votes. My chances are slim, but that really means nothing.

You do not need an account or anything to vote, you just nedd to click the button. Thanks
Please enter if you love contests like I do, enjoy it too.
(you need to wait a few seconds for the box to pop up to vote)

Thank you so much, although my viewers are few, I love every one of you! (yes even the people who come here to spam, and advertise your products)

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