Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabreze Fabric Refresher

Hey guys, I have yet to find a nice spot for my new bra but, today I would like to talk about Fabreze!

So we have all seen the Fabreze Fabric Freshener commercial where people go into a gross room and think it smells like a nice house because people sprayed the couches with Fabreze. May I just state, I would get a hell of a headache in a room that smell like a gallon of fabreze. I have never tried it so I don't have a real say in how it is, but this is how I think of it.

There was once a chair that was 50ish years old, it came from my grandmother and there is a legend that a wedding ring diamond was lost in the cushions and has yet to be found. Well, today I looked at my sister as she ate a peach on this chair. The peach dripped into the chair and we watched at the stain disappeared. But we both knew that that sticky peach juice was now a part of the chair. That was when I wondered if we could clean it. That led me to think of spraying Fabreze on it, till I realized that that Fabreze would be just like that peach juice. The fabreze would drain into the chair and become a part of it, sticking to the fibers in the chairs cushions. Later more Fabreze would be sprayed and inside the chair the cushion would start looking foamy and the cushion would slowly get thinner and thinner as the fibers stuck together when sat on.
That is my take on Fabreze Fabric Refresher, like I said, I have not tried the product but I have reason not to.

Soon I will hopefully have a tutorial on how to make a Starbucks bracelet, so stay tuned

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