Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Bra Deserves It's Own Drawer

Hey everyone! I am proud to say that I have made it to over 100 views! Yay! I am thrilled. Anyway, yesterday I went shopping and found a new bra. Bra shopping is quite the challenge because you have to try them all on and it takes for ever. I usually do my bra shopping at target but yesterday i was at Nordstroms. Nordstroms is very fancy and it's bra department was very butiful.

At Nordstroms I grabbed several nice bras to try on and headed for the dressing room. There was a nice lady in front of me who was going to try on bathing suits. The dressing room '"guard" opened a room for her and said, "Hi, what is your name?" the girl responded with her name and then the guard said, "Great, well I will come back to check on you and get sizes for you." Very nice right? Well then the guard comes to me, opens a door and sais "Here" and then she leaves. I guess I look too young to spend money and deserve nice dressing room treatment. Whatever, I continued with my search.

I tried on the first bra, which was from the clearence section, it fit better than any bra I have ever worn. I put it in the maybe pile and tried on several more.

meanwhile the girl next door was getting great service and asking for other service. Not me though

Finally I found the PERFECT bra and looked at the price. $45. WHAT? $45 dollars for a freakin bra?! thats nuts. So then I looked at the price of the one on clearence.....


.....On clearence! Who pays that much for a bra? Anyway, my mom then came in and asked if I had found a bra. Well, I explained the prices and she agreed that 78 was rediculous. She wanted to get me a bra that I could wear without complaint so I showed her the $45 one. She told me she was buying it no matter what.

So here I am, with the perfect bra. I have a problem called, it needs a perfect spot. I feel like none of my other bras deserve to be near it in the drawer.

Where do I put my beautiful bra where it won't be contaminated by the itchy, rude, grey, target bras?

For now it has it's own side in the drawer......


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