Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On My Way Out

Hey everyone! sorry for my pathetic lack of posts, but I have been buisy….. sort of. Anyway, tomarrow I am leaving to go on a trip across the country to Minisotta! In Minissota my sister and mom and i go to a family camp with my two cousins and their parents. May I mention, these are the coolest cousins ever! The camp mainly consists of classic camp crafts, skits, food, and family time. I have gone to the camp for about eight years now and Am so excited to add this one to the list. It is a very fun camp. Then I plan to go to Wyoming to stay in my families one room cabin and just hang with friends. After that I shall return home! So yea, thats my summer. Sorry again, I plan to keep up with this blog along my trip but who knows. Wish me a fun trip?!

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