Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Out of Camp

Hey everyone! I just got out of my family camp and I am enjoying internet at a nice little cafe in Minnisotta. Not much is going on, I am extreemely dissapointed to see that season 8 of Greys Anatomy is still not on Netflix, but I think I can hang in there a bit longer. The family camp I go to with my cousins consists of skits, age group activities, mud hikes, canoeing, kyaking, and playing. It is very fun and I am siked for next year! I am thinking of some fun posts and I promise to get them up soon. On my car ride to Wyoming I will be able to write in the car. So yep, thats all, my friend is getting a blog and I can’t wait to follow it. 
If you want me to follow your blog, posta url in the comments

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