Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Roof

Hey guys and gals who have happened upon this fabulous yet empty blog! I welcome you to A Little Fringe. As most of you know, I have been traveling during the past few weeks and I am currently writing this post in the car on my way to Kelly, Wyoming. In Kelly my family owns a small one room cabin with no running water (yes, that means we use a porta-potty.) I have been coming to this cabin all my life, and we still have not built a bathroom. I am sure you are wondering what I do at this cabin, if not then you should ask more questions. Anyway, in the small town of Kelly, Wyoming my sister and I hang out with our AWESOME friend. She has known us forever and vice versa, we have not always been friends but over the past few years we have been great friends. We like to make music videos (I will post one) With music that we wrote. Well, my sister wrote. It is a ton of fun to hang out with her. For two years we have been climbing onto the local school roof at night, and hanging out up there. It was really fun till we got caught!
What Happened That Night:
The three of us were all on the school roof at about ten o’clock. We had to sneak onto the roof that night because there was a carpet and upholstery man (later known as Cam) on his phone at the school. We figured he was working on carpeting the school and then we realized that he was there at 10 pm…. a little late right? Well, we snuck past him and onto the roof and hung out. We waited in silence to see if he would leave but he did not. After about half an hour we decided to paint our nails with the nail polish we had brought. Keep in mind the roof is not flat, it is slanted. In silence we painted our nails and after an hour had gone by we sat in boredom. Cam was still at the school so we couldn’t talk. We decided to start whispering and that was when Cam walked over to the front of the school where we were barely visible. He shouted “YOU BETTER GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW.” We stayed silent, sure he could not see us, and would just leave us alone. He continued to say that he knew we were up there and that we needed to come down. I forget if he had threatened to call the police, but I don’t really know. Anyway, as he calmed down a little we finally responded with a brief “ok we are coming down” then guess what he said? He said “It’s ok you can stay up there, just be careful.” All that for nothing! We sang songs on the roof for another hour while he worked. We were waiting for him to leave but we were so cold and felt so awkward that we left before him. We snuck across the roof and bolted through a hole in the fence surrounding the school. Cam came every night and stayed till 1:00 am or later. We are guessing that he was sleeping at the school and he could not accuse us of trespassing because then people would find out he was kind of living there. It was quite the adventure. We went up on the roof a few more times but always left as Cam was driving up. To answer your question of if we will go up this year, oh wait you didn’t ask that? Anyway, No, we don’t plan on going on the roof.
We also do fun things like canoeing, rafting, hiking, climbing, ect. Wyoming is an awesome place as long as you are in the right town. I will definitely post the video’s we make this year. All of our videos are on youtube, so just comment if you want the link to our account. 
Well, thanks for listening to my epic and yet very un epic adventure. I plan to post again soon, when I get Internet again 


  1. It’s really fun to stay at the rooftop and bond with your friends but you have to keep in mind to be very careful. There’s always a thrill in doing something that you were told not to do, right? Anyway, it’s ok to have fun and enjoy, just don’t forget to know your limitations. Stay safe always!

    -Linda Wise

  2. Hanging at the school roof at night sounds like an adventure but scary if caught! You can’t blame Mr.Cam if he acts that way. He’s just looking after everyone’s safety. It’s good to hear that you guys will no longer go up there again.

  3. It was an epic adventure! I was not able to experience an adventure like that when I was still in school. Just remember that it’s okay to have fun but be sure to be responsible for your actions.