Thursday, July 26, 2012

Toast To The Future

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying this new blog location. Now when I scream at you to comment you actually can! Hurray! Anyway, yesterday I went on a walk/hike (4.5 miles) with my family. My parents were talking about who knows what, and my sister was ahead of the crowd. I was left with my busy mind to create conversation. I talk to myself in my head a lot though, so it was enjoyable. I thought about what my future would be like, and did the classic fourth grade thing where I planned out my house, and career. So, I would like to share it with you!

Once I get out of college at UIC (my current choice of college) I will move into a small apartment on the second story of a two-story building. My apartment will have one bedroom and a small kitchenette; I will also have a teeny space for a television and a couch. I will get into more detail on that later.

In college I will have earned a BA or perhaps a MA in Nursing. I will be an RN (registered nurse), which is the main point. I will have learned to be fluent in Spanish by using Rosetta Stone, so my resume will get me further. I feel it is important to know a second language when working in a hospital because it will help a ton with communication. The people who hire me, will agree. Anyway, I will apply to be a nurse at Children’s Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. Since the nursing career is being more and more necessary, and since this is my imagination, I will quickly be hired after a few interviews. I will start working in general pediatrics, and work my way up to being full time in the pediatric oncology unit. I will start work at seven in the morning and work till four or five in the afternoon. (Since this is my imagination, I do have the ability to choose my hours.)

On some evenings I will head over to IO (Improv Olympic) and watch the shows. I will have worked at IO during college, so I will have a show discount. In college I will have also attended theatre classes and have experience with acting. When I watch the shows I will work on joining an improv troop so I can perform in the evenings. I will be sure to notify my troop that I cannot travel due to my full time day job. They of course, will understand and perform out of state without me.

Every so often I will have a day off, and on that day, I will invite over my friends from Nursing, and my friends from IO. We will all mingle, and eat nachos while watching a game show.

When I am not at IO I will go out, or stay home and watched episodes of the latest TV show on Netflix (By then Netflix will have TV shows the day after they are aired.)

I will ride the EL train to the hospital and will read the current news on my IPhone while riding. I will be caught up on current affairs so when I do a show at IO or talk with colleges I will be completely educated.

The end!
That is my plan for several years when I move on from college. My plans are sure to change, but from my junior year, this is what I hope will come. I will post more info on my apartment later. I hope you enjoyed reading about future me.

 If you read this long post, I thank you kindly.

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