Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pubic Hair

If the name of this topic makes you feel awkward, then you definitely should not be on this blog. Pubic hair is a funny word to those of a younger age, but for me and many other people, pubic hair is just pubic hair. It is a conversation piece if you are with a friendly crowd.
 Anyway, welcome to you who are comfortable talking about the big P. No stupid, not that P, the P of pubic hair.
 I feel like pubic hair is something that really brings the human race together. Think about it, everyone has pubic hair, both men and woman. Next, usually pubic hair is dark, which is so sweet. Also, pubic hair is also wavy or curly (admit it, no ones is stick straight.) Lastly, pubic hair is somewhat waterproof… that is awesome, you can suddenly tell that humans are related to beaver. If you think that is a weird observation, than you have not seen the SNL Bosley commercial.  So yes, the big P (common get your head out of the gutter) is a beautiful thing that makes our world a better and more together place. Next time you make a racist comment, remind yourself, “that person has pubic hair just like mine.”

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