I must say I am disappointed in you all for simply not commenting. I really hoped that last post would spark a little something in you, whether it was laughter, hope, or even fear, yet my blog remains commentless. No guys, I am not serious about being disappointed, but I am serious about the comments. Thankfully I did install a hit counter when I started this blog and I am happy to see it is at a healthy 120. Which may I tell you, is quite a bit for me, but it is hard to tell if people are flipping by or reading, so please comment with a simple hello or something to show me you really are there. I bet you are wondering now what I will do when I get no response right? (Well I am) Than I will respond by telling you that I am not going to respond because you are not reading this post and did not ask that question. Tricky right. But if you are here, than hurray for me and you! I will post a far more interesting post in a matter of seconds, after I have convinced you to comment.
 I would love to hear some topics about things you want to hear about, so please post, in the COMMENT section what you would like to see some posts on.
 Current post ideas: My views on-
 Fan mail (I plan to post on this in a minute)
Using other peoples wifi (wifi really should be known on the word dictionary by now)
 2 ideas = need for comments
 Thanks so much everyone, hope to see you around *wink wink*